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Welcome to SUAWAY.

Suaway a UK based company began with a mission to be a leading online e-tailer of vitamins, supplements, and other natural and healthy living products.

Over the last years, we have grown to become an industry leader supplying customers all around the world. Our comprehensive range of natural health supplements covers all your needs, from general health products such as multivitamins and herbal extracts, to highly specialised supplements like organic germanium and liposomal products.

We go to great lenghts to find the most innovative ingredient solutions from around the globe, and hold enormous levels of stock, comprising of around 200 different product lines, which help our customers to meet the tight deadlines of the modern world.

Our mission is to enable our customers to create the very best products, through our commitment to market knowledge, technical expertise, innovation and the highest quality products. Our products offer high botanical actives, enhance functional performance, and help deliver a wide range of health benefits in a variety of consumer products in the health, nutrition, and sports industries.

Many natural ingredients used in supplements are prone to contamination so we use the greatest vigilance and a process of routine chemical analysis to ensure the following are either absent or well below the permitted levels:

Irradiated ingredients
Heavy metals

We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every customer has the best shopping experience possible and we are investing for the future to further improve our product range, customer service and delivery options.